Jogjakarta is a city rich in tourist, cultural and culinary destinations that bring in many local and foreign tourists. After going through the pandemic, Jogjakarta began to rise again through creative content. To be precise, it is dominated by generations M and Z.

These two generations played a role in the promotion of local tourism. Not a few of these creative content are finally sought after by brands or industries. So now this profession has become a new job field in the digital era.

Seeing this phenomenon makes Liberta Hotel International (LHI) as a Hotel Operator and Management want to provide its support to the digital creative content community. Carrying Lifestyle Hospitality with the vision of providing exclusive, inclusive and extraordinary services and hospitality concepts.

"With the spirit of #IamLibertan, we want to be a place to be able to embrace the community by answering the needs and lifestyles of today's people who have different interests and hobbies," explained Liberta Hotel International CEO Niken Prawesti.

For this reason, LHI held a Sharing Session for Jogjakarta Content Creators. Themed Strolling Around LIBERTA Malioboro. Not alone but also invited the walking tour community Jogja Good Guide and Abdu Rauf as content creators from Jogjakarta.

In addition to sharing sessions, this activity is also accompanied by a walking tour around LIBERTA Malioboro while creating creative content. This activity aims to support community interests and hobbies as self-development in the field of digital creative content, especially social media.

"Where LHI sees the number of creative young people in Jogjakarta who become professional content creators who often collaborate with brands or industries," he said.

Strolling Around LIBERTA Malioboro was first done by LHI with the community. Strolling Around LIBERTA is planned to be held by every hotel. Of course, those under the management of LHI as sustainable activities.

"We hope that this positive activity can facilitate the community as well as become a forum for them to exchange ideas and information," said Niken.

Founder of Jogja Good Guide Rizki Suryananda revealed that the presence of local content creators not only helped increase tourism in Jogjakarta. It also makes the Jogja Good Guide community grow.

"With so many content creators who recommend Jogja Good Guide with the concept of walking tours as an alternative to tourist activities, finally more and more Teman Jalan joins both local and international tourists," said Rizki.

On the same occasion, LHI also launched a Membership Card #IamLibertan. Has various benefits for its members to get discounts on stays and also culinary in LHI units. Of course, according to the applicable regulations. As well as get updated information about LHI. (Obi/Dwi)