The Escape Hunt Experience

The Escape Hunt Experience is a fun escape room located in Kemang, South Jakarta. It’s easy to reach there because of its location. Escape Hunt is one of the most popular tourist destinations because of its excitement.

Unlike other rides, Escape Hunt is a tour that offers escape room games with an English detective theme. There, you must be able to complete the puzzle within 60 minutes to get out of the ride.

There are total of 6 rooms with three different story scenarios, which are kidnapping in the Study Room, Murder in the Bedroom and Explosion in the Kitchen Room. Each of these scenarios has 2 rooms. 

So if you want to compete with other groups you can use the same scenario in 2 different rooms. To be able to play, the minimum age required is 7 years old. You will also be accompanied by a game master who will lead and help you with the game.

When you finish playing, you will be treated with tea and biscuits so you can also feel the vibes of afternoon tea like in England. To be able to play here, you should make a reservation in advance and always come on time.

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