Nurkadhatyan Spa

If you are visiting Yogyakarta, try to relax for a moment for your mind and body at Nurkadhatyan Spa. It was initiated by five daughters of the Palace: GRA Nurmagupita, GRA Nurabra Juwita, GRA Nrastuti Wijareni, GRA Nurmalita Sari, and DRA Nurkamnari Dewi.

What is interesting?

There are several massage rituals as body treatments, such as the Tapak Bandawasa ritual or reflexology. In addition, Pangruktining rasa or full body massage is commonly known for unique Javanese ingredients such as lulur, mangir, parem and boreh.

Lastly, Pancar Rasa Manunggal is widely known as a treatment from Putri Dalem Kraton to overcome premature aging, increase passion, skin lightening, reflection, and increase vitality.

Thick Kraton Tradition

Nurkadhatyan Spa highly upholds cultural values by implementing rituals like a royal princess. Therefore, you will experience body care treatment like a real royal princess.

The therapist Nurkadhatyan Spa has even received training to apply special massage techniques to channel optimal energy.

Facilities of Nurkadhatyan Spa

The lower place is designed as closely as possible to the conditions of the Kraton kingdom, such as using a pile of andesite Mount Merapi, weighing 4.4 tons to absorb negative energy in the body. After soaking with andesite stones, you will feel more healthy and relax.

Nurkadhatyan Spa is located very near to Liberta Hotel Malioboro Jogja. Come and stay with us to get the best affordable rate. 

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