Malioboro Sky Lounge & Bar

Enjoying the open air from the top of the building at night has become popular lately. Especially you can enjoy it with a side dish while relaxing. Malioboro Sky Lounge and Bar is the right destination to pamper your eyes and mouth, treat views of the city of Jogja, accompanied by typical Jogja food.

The Uniqueness of Malioboro Sky Lounge and Bar

Visitors can see the beautiful city of Jogja at night in 360 degrees. You can see Merapi mountain during the day. The food served is very diverse, ranging from Asian, American, European to local dishes. Moreover, the price range offered is relatively safe for the pocket, only IDR 20,000 to IDR 600,000.

Taste of food

Malioboro Sky Lounge and Bar serves quality food with delicious taste. Heavy food and some desserts such as cakes to Dawet also have no less delightful taste.


Visitors have proven that the service provided is excellent. The waiters are friendly and the dishes are served on time. The place is very spacious, clean, and comfortable, so visitors feel at home to linger while chatting casually with friends or family. Finaly, at the Malioboro Sky Lounge and Bar, music will accompany your lovely evening.

Malioboro Sky Lounge and Bar is located very near to Liberta Hotel Malioboro Jogja. Come and stay with us to get the best affordable rate. 

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where freedom feels like home.

Jl. Pringgokusuman No.17, Pringgokusuman,
Gedong Tengen, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55272


+62 (0274) 561 797