Jolie Accessories

Beautiful trinkets always attract women's attention. Its functions are diverse, such as making handicrafts or just complementary accessories. Jolie Accessories are the best destinations in Jogja to get knick-knacks. Jolie has two branches which are located in Wirobrajan Yogyakarta and Cokrodiningkat near Tugu Jogja.

The two locations sell different accessories. The Jolie Wirobrajan branch sells bracelets, necklaces, clocks, bags, and knick-knacks at varying prices. Meanwhile, Jolie Cokrodiningrat sells sewing equipment such as ribbons, lace, borders, and others. As a result, Jolie Accessories became one of the most complete and largest knick-knacks shops in Yogyakarta.

What Jolie Accessories Sell?

Jolie's accessories shop consists of 3 floors. The ground floor is used to sell knick-knacks, cosmetics, and some items as gifts or gifts. The 2nd and 3rd floors are used to sell craft materials and tools, home decorations, and fashion such as clothes, pants, dresses, bags, and others.

You can also find properties that support photogenic activities. Everything you need for photography is here, such as grass rugs, succulents, colorful pebbles, monsters in synthetic form.

Many Visitors

Jolie Accessories' operating hours are from 9 am to 9 pm. Jolie accessories Wirobrajan branch is very crowded with visitors, try to choose the right time before lunchtime to get the best shopping experience.

Jolie Accessories is located very near to Liberta Hotel Malioboro Jogja. Come and stay with us to get the best affordable rate. 

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