Gudeg Yu DJum

Are you planning to visit Jogja? Then, don't forget to enjoy a plate of gudeg, the typical food of this city. The unique taste of gudeg is undoubtedly in demand by travelers and residents. And, if you try Gudeg Yu Djum with its sweet taste and authentic aroma, you will find it different from the usual gudeg.

What is interesting?

Gudeg Yu Djum has a strategic location close to the North Square, the Palace, and Malioboro. In addition, the taste is more memorable to enjoy a plate of authentic Jogja udeg.

The joy of Yu Djum's gudeg concoction lies in the quality ingredients with the right spices. Young jackfruit, or called gori from the Prembun area. It is producing the best quality jackfruit. The eggs used are duck eggs to taste more savory, while the chicken meat used is of the type of free-range chicken.

Menu Gudeg Yu Djum

The gudeg made by Yu Djum's stall is a dry gudeg type with a thick gravy similar to rendang Padang. There are various variants of gudeg with an abundance of side dishes, including gudeg krecek egg rice, gudeg krecek wing rice, gudeg ati gizzard rice, and many others. You can also order a choice of 1 serving of side dishes. The price ranges from 15K rupiah to 150K rupiah for a complete warm package.

Gudeg Yu Djum is located very near to Liberta Hotel Malioboro Jogja. Come and stay with us to get the best affordable rate. 

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