The House of Raminten

Yogyakarta offers so many amazing restaurants to visit. However, it is a great idea to visit a unique one such as the House of Raminten. It is always visited by so many people everyday. 

This restaurant is located in “Jalan Faridan M Noto No. 7, Kota Baru, Yogyakarta”. You just need 10 minutes by motorcycle from the zero point destination. 

The Unique Traditional Menus

The house of Raminten serves a lot of traditional menus using unique names and plating. However, don’t worry because all of the menus are delicious and have an authentic taste.

An example is Koteka Chicken, this dish is made from chicken which is cooked together with several herbs inside a bamboo. 

Another example is a dish called Gajah Ndekem. It is basically a beverage in the form of an apple with a surprise inside. The prices are quite affordable. Some foods have a large portion, so ask the waitress about it first. 

The Traditional Javanese Music

Once you enter the restaurant, smooth Javanese music can be heard. It is so majestic and soothing at the same time. Besides that there are 3-4 women sitting there and doing the traditional batik method. 

The size of the restaurant, House of Raminten, is not too large. However, it has two different floors decorated uniquely with many wood elements that  are really unique and hard to find in other places.

Opening Hours: 09.00 AM - 09.00 PM

Address: Jl. FN. Noto no. 7 Kotabaru, 55224 Indonesia

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