Trip to Jogja is incomplete if you don't visit Malioboro. Malioboro is a street in Yogyakarta that has become a shopping center because it is filled with sellers of souvenirs and foods.

To get there, you just need to walk for about 7 minutes from Yogyakarta Station. However, you can also take a rickshaw that is widely offered around the station  for a different experience.

If you continue walking towards the south, then you will meet Yogyakarta's Zero Kilometer Point, where you can see the Indonesian Post Office building which has stood majestically since the Dutch era.

Another eye-catching tourist location in Malioboro is the Vredeburg Fort Museum. This museum exhibits various collections from historical times and also has a diorama room. You can also find interesting photo spots at Fort Vredeburg.

For shopping enthusiasts, Malioboro is a place that you must visit while on vacation to Jogja. You can buy various handicrafts such as batik, leather shoes or sandals, typical Jogja t-shirts, and unique souvenirs there.

You can also find various typical Jogja snacks such as Bakpia Patok and Bakpia Kukus there at affordable prices. That is why Malioboro is still one of the mandatory tourist destinations up to this date.

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