Alun Alun Selatan

Alun Alun selatan or it is also called as the Alun Alun kidul is a super famous place in Yogyakarta. It is always filled by people who want to get cheap and authentic entertainment there. 

It is actually located behind the Keraton or palace where the king of Yogyakarta lives. The focal point there is the two large banyan trees which are located in a parallel line. 

The Myth behind The Trees

There is a strong and popular myth due to those Banyan Trees. It is called the masangin game where you should be blindfolded and stand up for about 20 meters from the banyan. 

After that, try to walk and pass the huge plants right in the middle area. It is believed that only the clean and pure people are able to pass this challenge. So, it is a good idea to try it in that destination. 

The Different Nuances at Night

At night, you can get a more cheerful aura. There will be a lot of people who rent tandem bicycles and unique cars. They are decorated with so many colorful lamps. 

The cars are called odong-odong where it can accommodate up to six adults inside. There are also some sellers who sell traditional foods and drinks there. You should try it. 

The menus are like  warm ginger drinks, grilled corn, juice, and so on. It is the right destination to blend with the local and enjoy the different terms of entertainment.

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