Cold Moo

Cold Moo outlet, which is located in the Pelaspas complex, Dharmawangsa number, South Jakarta, has recently become popular among urban youth in the capital. 

Not only because the menu is delicious, but the place is quite cozy to hang out while enjoying a cup of ice cream of your choice. You can find benches set up outside the Cold Moo outdoor concept. 

This ice cream shop founded by entrepreneur Ali Gonzales offers a variety of cold dessert menus with unique combinations and mixtures of ingredients.

The mixture produces a different taste and texture than most ice creams. There are not many menu variants offered by Cold Moo Swirls. However, the menu presented has a unique name. 

The name reflects the mixture of ingredients used. For example, Special K, Berry-O, Cookie D'Oh, Hongry Kong, Milo Dino, and Banana Crisps. In addition to overseeing the Cold Moo Swirls label, Ali also presents the Cold Moo Bakeshop label in his shop. 

The difference is that the menu offered focuses on baked goods such as cookies and pudding. One of its flagship menus and one of the best sellers is the sweet and legit Regal Pudding.

Uniquely, Cold Moo is only open from Wednesday to Sunday, while Monday and Tuesday are closed. You can also order it by takeaway or through a food delivery service. The concept of a comfortable shop is also very instagramable.

Opening Hours: 12.00 PM - 9.00 PM (Wed-Sun)

Address: Jl Dharmawangsa 6 no 20, Jakarta Selatan

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